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INTRODUCTION Systemic capillary leak syndrome (SCLS) is a rare disorder characterized by recurrent spontaneous episodes of hypovolaemic shock due to marked plasma shifts from the intravascular to the extravascular space. It presents as the characteristic triad of hypotension, haemoconcentration and hypoalbuminemia. CASE REPORT We describe a patient with(More)
Mice homozygous for d(l) have been suggested as models for phenylketonuria. We found: (1) the concentration of phenylalanine in the blood was normal at all ages examined; (2) phenylalanine hydroxylase activity in the liver in vitro equalled that in unaffected littermates; (3) the apparent K(m) values for phenylalanine and cofactor respectively in d(l)/d(l)(More)
XML schemas are used extensively in e-commerce standardization initiatives. Such XML-based standards define the structure and the semantics of messages that are used to implement business transactions in a particular industry domain (e.g. travel). The design of the document structures that form the message payloads is of key importance as once the(More)
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