Pavel Bocharov

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—G-networks with ordinary (positive) customers and signals are considered under the assumption that signal processing (activation) requires a random amount of time. Activated signals either move a customer from the node they arrive to another node or kill a positive customer. For a network in which positive customers are processed by a single server at(More)
We consider a single-server retrial queueing system with K(K ≥ 1) Poisson input flows. The service times have a common arbitrary distribution function B i (x) for customer of type i. An arriving customers of type i, , K , 1 i = who finds the server free begins to get service inmediately and leaves the system after completion. Otherwise, if the server is(More)
We consider a G-network with Poisson flow of positive customers. Each positive customer entering the network is characterized by a set of stochastic parameters: customer route, the length of customer route, customer volume and his service length at each route stage as well. The following node types are considered: (0) an exponential node with cn servers,(More)
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