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The concept of topology-aware grid applications is derived from parallelized computational models of complex systems that are executed on heterogeneous resources, either because they require specialized hardware for certain calculations, or because their parallelization is flexible enough to exploit such resources. Here we describe two such applications, a(More)
Scheduling of large-scale, distributed topology-aware applications requires that not only the properties of the requested machines be considered, but also the properties of the machines' interconnections. This requirement severely complicates the scheduling process, as even a matching between a single multi-processors task and available machines in a single(More)
I would like to express gratitude to the following people who helped me so much in completing the master degree. My advisor Prof. Assaf Schuster, for his valuable guidance and support throughout every stage of the work, for sharing his vast knowledge and experience. Thanks for willing to make time for me, despite more than a handful of other obligations.(More)
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