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Stem cell transplantation is curative in a number of otherwise fatal hematological diseases. In Pakistan, SCT was started in October 1995 at Dr Ziauddin Hospital by Dr Tahir Shamsi and his team. The first case was of a young man suffering from AML. In 1999, allogeneic BMT was started at Bismillah Taqee Institute of Health Sciences and Blood Diseases Centre,(More)
One hundred children in the age group 6 months to 5 years were investigated for cell-mediated immune response in relation to their nutrition. The nutritional status was assessed by the Wellcome classification. The majority (54 per cent) of children had marasmus. Absolute lymphocyte count was found to be significantly low (P less than 0.01) in all(More)
'C' reactive protein (CRP) levels were determined in 100 cases of tuberculosis and 30 age and sex matched children. Serial estimations, one and 3 to 6 months after initiation of therapy was done in 81 and 41 of these patients, respectively. Mean initial levels of CRP in tuberculosis group was 18.52 micrograms/ml while in the control group it was 2.77(More)
The clinical features and some laboratory parameters of 247 cases of meningococcal meningitis admitted between January 1983 and April 1990 to a paediatric ward in Jawahar Lal Nehru Medical College Hospital, India were analyzed retrospectively. A total of 189 (76.5%) were more than 5 years of age. The maximum number of cases occurred between October and(More)
Nitroblue tetrazolium test (NBT) and bactericidal activity of polymorphonuclear leucocytes was studied in 40 patients with iron deficiency anaemia (aged 0-12 years). NBT test had a significant correlation with serum iron (P less than 0.001) in all cases of iron deficiency anemia. Haemoglobin levels less than 4 g/dl also correlated significantly with NBT(More)
Serum and CSF levels of CRP were measured by radial immunoassay in 99 subjects consisting of 20 controls, 34 pyogenic meningitis (PM), 21 tuberculous meningitis (TBM) and 24 viral encephalitis (VE). There was significant difference in the CRP levels (p less than 0.01) depending on the type of disease in both serum and CSF. The initial serum and CSF levels(More)
An oral questionnaire method was used with parents to determine the effect of birth interval and birth order on the morbidity pattern of children below age 5. 3 localities in India were selected -- Sir Syed Nagar, Zohra Bagh, and Jeevan Garh as all the families residing in these localities are registered under the Urban Health Training Center of the(More)
Circulating immune complexes (CIC) were assayed in 100 cases of tuberculosis and 30 age matched control children. The estimation was done by PEG assay before the commencement of antitubercular therapy. CIC were present in only 3.3% of the control children as compared to 68% of children with tuberculosis. The presence of CIC was observed to vary with the(More)