Pavel A. Orlov

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Eye-tracking technology and gaze-contingent control in human-computer interaction have become an objective reality. This article reports on a series of eye-tracking experiments, in which we concentrated on one aspect of gaze-contingent interaction: Its effectiveness compared with mouse-based control in a computer strategy game. We propose a measure for(More)
Digoxin pharmacokinetics was studied in 40 virtually healthy subjects aged 60-89 years and 10 subjects aged 20-29 years injected with a single dose (0.5 mg) of digoxin. The pharmacokinetic data were interpreted in terms of a two-compartmental model. The constant of digoxin transfer rate from the peripheral compartment to the central one appreciably(More)
Regeneration potential of different wheat, rye and barley species in leaf explant culture. Comparative analysis of the induction ability of morphogenetic processes in vitro has been carried out in 16 wheat genotypes, 4 barley species and 6 rye genotypes. It has been shown that tetra- and hexaploid wheat species as well as wild barley species exhibited the(More)
The moving-window paradigm, based on gazecontingent technic, traditionally used in a studies of the visual perceptual span. There is a strong demand for new environments that could be employed by non-technical researchers. We have developed an easy-to-use tool with a graphical user interface (GUI) allowing both execution and control of visual(More)
Studies have been carried out on some peculiarities of the pharmacodynamics and pharmaco-kinetics in clinically healthy elderly and aged persons. It has been demonstrated that an increase in the sensitivity of the myocardium to digitoxin, and a decrease of its excretion by the kidneys are factors promoting the development of glycoside intoxication in the(More)
Understanding software engineers' behaviour plays a vital role in the software development industry. It also provides helpful guidelines for teaching and learning. In this article, we conduct a study of the extrafoveal vision and its role in information processing. This is a new perspective on source code comprehension. Despite its major importance, the(More)