Pavel A. Lyakhov

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A new approach for processing images based on joint application of the residue number system and finite-field wavelets is proposed in this work. It is shown that the residue number system with simple modules can be used for implementation of the digital processing of signals using finite-field wavelets. The principle of organization of computations in the(More)
New algorithms for determining the sign of a modular number and comparing numbers in a residue number system (RNS) have been developed using the Chinese remainder theorem with fractional values. These algorithms are based on calculations of approximate values of fractional values determined by moduli of the system. Instrumental implementations of the new(More)
In this paper we propose a new architecture of a smoothing filter in the RNS. The problem of computationally complex division operation performing is solved by replacing this operation by division with the remainder. This makes it possible to replace the division by subtraction and a multiplication in the RNS when using RNS modulo as a divisor. Simulation(More)
In this paper we present the investigation results of RNS dynamic range effect on grayscale images filtering. We show how error occurs during filtering using RNS with insufficient dynamic range. Modelling of filtration with sharpening and edge detection filters demonstrates that the edge detection filters are less sensitive to insufficient RNS dynamic(More)
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