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The scaling form of the free energy near a critical point allows for the definition of various thermodynamical amplitudes and the determination of their dependence on the microscopic nonuniversal scales. Universal quantities can be obtained by considering special combinations of the amplitudes. Together with the critical exponents they characterize the(More)
New data are reported from the operation of the PICO-60 dark matter detector, a bubble chamber filled with 36.8 kg of CF 3 I and located in the SNOLAB underground laboratory. PICO-60 is the largest bubble chamber to search for dark matter to date. With an analyzed exposure of 92.8 livedays, PICO-60 exhibits the same excellent background rejection observed(More)
Aims. The maximum-likelihood method is the standard approach to obtain model fits to observational data and the corresponding confidence regions. We investigate possible sources of bias in the log-likelihood function and its subsequent analysis, focusing on estimators of the inverse covariance matrix. Furthermore, we study under which circumstances the(More)
Monitoring of degradation of photovoltaic panels using infrared method Monitoring of solar panels is important in order to ensure optimal performance of solar panels. Their properties are subject to change due to aging, weather effects and exposure to environment. Infrared camera provides monitoring of degradation of solar panels. Similarly, thermal camera(More)
Aims. In this paper the optical data of the ESO Deep-Public-Survey observed with the Wide Field Imager and reduced with the THELI pipeline are described. Methods. Here we present 63 fully reduced and stacked images. The astrometric and photometric calibrations are discussed and the properties of the images are compared to images released by the ESO Imaging(More)
Context. This is the first paper of a series describing our measurement of weak lensing by large-scale structure, also termed " cosmic shear " , using archival observations from the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) on board the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). Aims. In this work we present results from a pilot study testing the capabilities of the ACS for(More)
We study theoretically the asymptotic behavior of the Shiba bound states associated with magnetic impurities embedded in both 2D and 1D anomalous superconductors. We calculate analytically the spatial dependence of the local density of states together with the spin polarization associated with the Shiba bound states. We show that the latter quantity(More)
Epibenthic organisms are a critical component of the marine environment, functioning as ecosystem engineers, habitat and food for other organisms. Our knowledge of the diversity, complexity and sensitivities of these habitats is limited, particularly at higher latitudes and greater depths. The West Coast of Greenland is the site of a commercially important(More)
Shot noise in transport through two coherent strongly coupled quantum dots, Phys. Full counting statistics for a single-electron transistor, non-equilibrium effects at intermediate conductance, Phys. Quantum criticality in a double quantum-dot system, Phys. Effects of a single quantum spin on Josephson oscillations, Int. Kondo effect in single-molecule(More)