Pavan Shastry

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Automotive surround view camera system is an emerging automotive ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) technology that assists the driver in parking the vehicle safely by allowing him/her to see a top-down view of the 360 degree surroundings of the vehicle. Such a system normally consists of four to six wide-angle (fish-eye lens) cameras mounted around(More)
Video codec (e.g. HEVC, H.264, H.263, H.261) are used for real time video conferencing over internet. The amount of latency from end to end (or round trip) has significant impact on perceived quality of video call. This paper explains overall latency for entire signal chain with focus especially on video codec. The paper explains typical configuration to(More)
With advances in video coding standards like H.264 and HEVC coupled with those in the display technology, Ultra HD contents have started taking the mainstream. This is driving the need for high computation and memory bandwidth in current multi-media SOCs. In this paper, we present a monolithic multi-format video codec engine which achieves Ultra HD(More)
This Motion Compensation needs significant amount of computation in advanced video standards like MPEG4, AVS, VP8, VC-1 and H264. To understand the complexity involved in motion compensation, we categorize the Motion-Compensation (MC) into following steps. Initial step involves obtaining/computing the information needed for reference region transfer, using(More)
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