Pavan Kurariya

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The main objective of this paper is to introduce a high performance natural language processing (NLP) service to fulfill the needs of researchers and users in the area of natural language computing. We consider various NLP components developed at Applied Artificial Group of C-DAC Pune, and carry out parallelization on the GARUDA grid. We demonstrate that(More)
In this paper we consider a machine translation (MT) system based on the tree adjoining grammar (TAG) formalism. We have successfully carried out sentence level parallelization and its parallel implementations on a multicore machine with varying number of cores and a computing cluster with multicore nodes. Since our code is in Java, we use MPJ Express for(More)
Machine Translation System (MTS) that uses the Tree Adjoining Grammar (TAG) is considered. To improve the response time of our online MTS, we propose the use of a translation memory (TM). The integrated architecture of MTS with TM is outlined. Several examples of language dependent TM tools and translation process are given. To further speedup the(More)
The growing pace of information technology demands fast operation for communication and other related applications. After having a successful Machine Translation System [MTS], it has been felt to optimize the performance of Machine Translation for its real-time uses. The considered MTS is Tree Adjoining Grammar [TAG] based system. An approach has been(More)
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