Pavan Gundepudi

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The infrastructure of the Internet is evolving from that of a public network to interconnected private networks that are selective in terms and conditions for connectivity to others. The connectivity, reach, and bandwidth of the Internet in the next century will depend on its infrastructure, which in turn depends on the economics and forms of the(More)
The wide area networks, which make up the infrastructure of the Internet, connect at peering points that are either publicly or privately owned. Public peering points have become increasingly congested and offer poor connectivity and availability. Consequently, private agreements for increased interconnection capacity between network firms have become(More)
T wo major trends are transforming the US broadband market. First, despite a growing demand for high-speed Internet and network access, many digital subscriber line (DSL) companies are downsizing, scaling back service, or closing their doors altogether. Affected DSL providers include such major players as Covad, NorthPoint Communications, Copper Mountain,(More)
Several information goods, such as movie distribution rights or newspapers, are sold either at spot prices, or through forward subscription buying. Our paper considers a firm that offers an information good through spot buying, or through forward buying at a reduced price, or a combination of the two. We propose a consumer decision-making model that(More)
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