Pauwel Goethals

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— In minimally invasive surgery, tactile feedback is lacking. A tactile display, consisting of a matrix of micro-actuators, represents tactile sensations on the fingertip. Miniaturising powerful, dynamic and accurate actua-tors with a sufficient stroke and bandwidth is a considerable challenge. The use of pneumatics is promising due to the potential for(More)
Master thesis: " Development of a ferrofluidic seal for a linear, hydraulic micro actuator " PhD-thesis: " Development of a tactile feedback system for robot assisted minimally invasive surgery " Work experience Area of expertise – haptic feedback in general with a focus on tactile feedback – tactile sensing – robot assisted minimally invasive surgery –(More)
Elastography is a useful and interesting technique that can be used to infer stiffness information from ultrasound medical images. In one decade of activity, the scientific community has developed this technique to a more and more mature stage, such that it has evolved into a fruitful application for clinical practice. During this decade, the evolution has(More)