Pauwel Goethals

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The selection of suitable variables is the first and important issue for fish habitat requirements and stream/river management programs. Classification trees (CTs) were used to study habitat preferences of the roach (Rutilus rutilus) in the Flemish stream basins (Belgium). The presence/absence of the roach was modeled based on a set of physicochemical and(More)
We present a new device for verifying endotracheal tube (ETT) position that uses specialized sensors intended to distinguish anatomical features of the trachea and esophagus. This device has the potential to increase the safety of resuscitation, surgery, and mechanical ventilation and decrease the morbidity, mortality, and health care costs associated with(More)
Elastography is a useful and interesting technique that can be used to infer stiffness information from ultrasound medical images. In one decade of activity, the scientific community has developed this technique to a more and more mature stage, such that it has evolved into a fruitful application for clinical practice. During this decade, the evolution has(More)
— In minimally invasive surgery, tactile feedback is lacking. A tactile display, consisting of a matrix of micro-actuators, represents tactile sensations on the fingertip. Miniaturising powerful, dynamic and accurate actua-tors with a sufficient stroke and bandwidth is a considerable challenge. The use of pneumatics is promising due to the potential for(More)