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The composition of pancreatic calculi in patients with tropical pancreatitis is unknown. At present, except for malnutrition, there are no known etiologic factors for chronic calcific pancreatitis in the tropics. We report the results of an x-ray diffraction study of 41 stones from 26 patients obtained at autopsy in the Kerala state in India. Calcite was(More)
This study explores the severity of depression and anxiety experienced by patients suffering from motor neurone disease and seeks to link this to illness progression, recent life events and personality factors. The 18 patients who participated in the study were assessed for the presence of psychiatric symptoms using the Beck Depressive Inventory and the(More)
In this study, the prognostic determinants were investigated involving bipolar patients classified into two groups-one with favourable course and outcome, and the other with clearly unfavourable prognosis, based on certain recommended criteria, with intermediate prognosis were excluded. As compared to the poor prognosis group, the good prognosis group had(More)
A case of pneumomediastinum that developed in a 10 year old girl receiving induction chemotherapy for acute lymphoblastic leukemia is reported. Three factors were identified that may have been associated with this complication: the patient suffered recurrent vomiting during her induction chemotherapy; she had travelled by air the day before the pneumo(More)
The complex crystal structure of the arrojadite-dickinsonite, KNaoCa(Fe,Mn)?i Al(OH,F)r(PO1),r, series was studied by single-crystal X-ray diffraction techniques. Three compositions were studied and one, dickinsonite from Branchville, Connecticut, is summarized here. The others are arrojadites from the Nancy Mine, North Groton, New Hampshire, and the Nickel(More)
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