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Silicon nitride microwave photonic circuits.
We present an overview of several microwave photonic processing functionalities based on combinations of Mach-Zehnder and ring resonator filters using the high index contrast silicon nitrideExpand
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Low-Loss Si3N4 TriPleX Optical Waveguides: Technology and Applications Overview
An overview of the most recent developments and improvements to the low-loss TriPleX Si3N4 waveguide technology is presented in this paper. The TriPleX platform provides a suite of waveguideExpand
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Novel wideband microwave polarization network using a fully-reconfigurable photonic waveguide interleaver with a two-ring resonator-assisted asymmetric Mach-Zehnder structure.
We propose and demonstrate a novel wideband microwave photonic polarization network for dual linear-polarized antennas. The polarization network is based on a waveguide-implementedExpand
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Digitized Radio-over-Fiber Transceivers for SDM/WDM Back-/Front-Haul
In this paper we analyze the perspective of digitized radio over fiber (DRoF) fronthaul, showing how to meet the requirements to cope with the future radio access networks (RANs). This entails theExpand
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On-chip microwave photonic beamformer circuits operating with phase modulation and direct detection.
We propose and experimentally demonstrate the working principles of two novel microwave photonic (MWP) beamformer circuits operating with phase modulation (PM) and direct detection (DD). The proposedExpand
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Ring resonator-based on-chip modulation transformer for high-performance phase-modulated microwave photonic links.
In this paper, we propose and experimentally demonstrate a novel wideband on-chip photonic modulation transformer for phase-modulated microwave photonic links. The proposed device is able toExpand
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Foundry Developments Toward Silicon Nitride Photonics From Visible to the Mid-Infrared
Photonic integration technologies have spread in the past decade by means of foundry models that mirror the electronic-integrated circuit industry developments of the past century. Several monolithicExpand
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Optical beamforming based on microwave photonic signal processing
Over the past few years considerable attention has been focussed on the inclusion of flexibility in communication satellite payloads. The purpose of this flexibility is to enable a given satellite onExpand
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Integrated optical beamformers
This paper gives an overview of three different types of integrated optical beamfoming networks (OBFNs) that have been designed and/or fabricated over the past few years. The first is a binary treeExpand