Paulpoj Chiranand

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OBJECTIVES Acute liver failure (ALF) produces cerebral dysfunction and edema, mediated in part by elevated ammonia concentrations, often leading to coma and death. The pathophysiology of cerebral edema in ALF is incompletely understood. In vitro models of the cerebral effects of ALF have predominately consisted of dissociated astrocyte cultures or acute(More)
PURPOSE To analyze the benefits, efficacy, and complications of the PASCAL((R)) photocoagulation laser system (OptiMedica, Santa Clara, CA, USA) in patients treated at our institution. METHODS We conducted a retrospective chart review of 19 patients (28 eyes) who underwent laser treatment using the PASCAL((R)) photocoagulation system from November 2006 to(More)
PURPOSE To report the occurrence of a novel mechanism of IOFB with hot, liquefied glass injury. METHODS Retrospective case series. RESULTS Two patients suffered an injury to their eye with hot, liquefied glass. The ocular findings included a single scleral entry wound with multiple glass fragments located inside the eye. Fragments were found embedded in(More)
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