Paulpandi Muthulakshmi

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AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To explore recent Singapore nursing graduates' experience of and views about their career development and progress. BACKGROUND The recruitment and retention of an adequate number of registered nurses is a continuing workforce issue in Singapore and other major cities. DESIGN Survey of recent nursing graduates. METHODS Recent(More)
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To assess recent nurse graduates of a large university and seeks their views of university preparation, requisite nursing skills and qualities, workplace transition, supports received, nurse leadership and role models, and career development and retention. BACKGROUND Concern about attracting and retaining registered nurses is a(More)
OBJECTIVE Our earlier studies showed that endogenous hydrogen sulfide (H(2)S) pathway contributed significantly to erectile function. In this study, we tested the hypothesis that age-dependent changes in the bioavailability of H(2)S increased the risk of erectile dysfunction (ED). METHODS Young, adult (3-month) and older (18-month) male Sprague-Dawley(More)
The growth of network of computers has paved way for the ease of communication and the benefits of networks can be listed to a great extent. The growing need for network security and secure data transfer has to be focused in parallel. The most common tool for providing network security is cryptography. In this paper, we proposed an algorithm, which could(More)
This paper arises from the analysis of data from a large Singapore-based survey and a complementary qualitative series of 17 individual interviews. Some results from both arms of the research have been previously analysed and are reported elsewhere. Answers to a series of questions within the questionnaire and the structured interviews have been drawn(More)
The need for scheduling algorithms arise from the requirement to perform multitasking, essentially for modern computing systems. Scheduling is the greatest cause that optimizes the objective function that involved with the selection of resources. In scheduling, every aspect of execution is based on decision(s). The general objective of scheduling algorithms(More)
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