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— Automated fire detection is an active research topic in computer vision. In this paper we propose and analyze a new method for identifying fire in videos. Computer vision based fire detection algorithms are usually applied in CCTV surveillance scenarios with controlled background. In contrast, the proposed method can be applied not only to surveillance(More)
Reliable motion estimation is a key component for autonomous vehicles. We present a visual odometry method for ground vehicles using template matching. The method uses a downward facing camera perpendicular to the ground and estimates the motion of the vehicle by analyzing the image shift from frame to frame. Specifically, an image region (template) is(More)
—Understanding human behaviors is a challenging problem in computer vision that has recently seen important advances. Human behavior understanding combines image and signal processing, feature extraction, machine learning and 3D geometry. Application scenarios range from surveillance to indexing and retrieval, from patient care to industrial safety and(More)
Reliable real-time localization is a key component of autonomous industrial vehicle systems. We consider the problem of using on-board vision to determine a vehicle's pose in a known, but non-static, environment. While feasible technologies exist for vehicle localization, many are not suited for industrial settings where the vehicle must operate dependably(More)
In this paper we propose a new image event detection method for identifying fire in videos. Traditional image based fire detection is often applied in surveillance camera scenarios with well behaved background. In contrast, the proposed method is applied for retrieval of fire catastrophes in newscast content, such that there is great variation in fire and(More)
In this paper we propose a new method to embed hidden data in office-like documents, presenting robustness to the print-scan channel. The method slightly modulates the luminance of the documents' characters and symbols, being this change unnoticeable to the human eye, yet detectable by a scanner. It is based on pulse amplitude modulation communications,(More)
Reliable lane detection is a key component of autonomous vehicles supporting navigation in urban environments. This paper introduces the GOLDIE(Geometric Overture for Lane Detection by Intersections Entirety) system, a vision-based software architecture that uses an on-board single camera to determine the position of road lanes with respect to the vehicle.(More)
— This paper improves the use of text color modulation (TCM) as a reliable text document data hiding method. Using TCM, the characters in a document have their color components modified (possibly unperceptually) according to a side message to be embedded. This work presents a detection metric and an analysis determining the detection error rate in TCM,(More)
This paper proposes the use of higher order statistical moments in document image processing to improve the performance of systems which transmit side information through the print and scan channel. Examples of such systems are multi-level 2-D bar codes and certification via text luminance modulation. These systems print symbols with different luminances,(More)