Paulo Tavares

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The large terminase subunit is a central component of the genome packaging motor from tailed bacteriophages and herpes viruses. This two-domain enzyme has an N-terminal ATPase activity that fuels DNA translocation during packaging and a C-terminal nuclease activity required for initiation and termination of the packaging cycle. Here, we report that(More)
The genetic diversity observed among bacteriophages remains a major obstacle for the identification of homologs and the comparison of their functional modules. In the structural module, although several classes of homologous proteins contributing to the head and tail structure can be detected, proteins of the head-to-tail connection (or neck) are generally(More)
— The development of network and system management software typically requires data models definition, the creation of specific applications respecting the data model, and yet the implementation of communication interfaces. Skilled professionals usually perform such tasks in a predefined sequence and using different development solutions, but any error or(More)
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