Paulo Simões

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Osteosarcoma is a bone-forming tumor of mesenchymal origin that presents a clinical pattern that is consistent with the cancer stem cell model. Cells with stem-like properties (CSCs) have been identified in several tumors and hypothesized as the responsible for the relative resistance to therapy and tumor relapses. In this study, we aimed to identify and(More)
This paper presents an overview of JAMES, a Java-based platform of mobile agents that is mainly oriented for the management of data and telecommunication networks. This platform has been developed on behalf of a Eureka Project ( !1921) and the project partners are Siemens SA, University of Coimbra and Siemens AG. We describe the main architecture of the(More)
The evolution of Software-Defined Networking and the overall acceptance of protocols such as OpenFlow, demonstrates the added value of decoupling the data plane from the control plane. Existing SDN Controllers enable the expected flexibility from such networks by dynamically providing a fine-grained control of each flow. However, hardware-specific(More)
Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks based on IEEE 802.16 standards are in the deployment phase in many countries. In fact, this technology can deliver high data rate while covering long distances, being a suitable candidate to solve the problem of digital divide and thus being able to provide connectivity in isolated and impervious areas. This paper(More)
Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks based on IEEE 802.16d/e standards are soon to be deployed in several countries. However, there is lack of published literature with results from actual testbeds. This paper introduces the work done in the EU Sixth Framework Programme Project WEIRD to design and set up WiMAX testbeds in four EU countries. We describe the(More)
In this paper we present results from an experimental study addressing the use of mobile agents in the retrieval of management information. We compare several agent-based models for distributed collection and processing of management data, focusing on performance but also considering network traffic and setup costs. This study reveals that in many(More)
Presently there is a lack of remote desktop management solutions for domestic and SOHO users connected to broadband access networks. This contrasts with the enterprise LAN environment, where there are several standards, resources and frameworks for PC or thin-client management. Among these, one specific remote boot technology - the Preboot execution(More)
The convergence of technical advances in the field of virtualization has enabled the consolidation and scaling of resources in a cost-effective way, a trend that has also found its way into the telecommunication operator infrastructure foundations, from data centers to networks alike. Starting from the core, the impact of these developments is reaching(More)
In a world where networking services are increasingly being provided by service overlay networks, management of these services at overlay level is becoming crucially important. This paper presents an architecture for services management in P2P Service Overlay Networks (SON). The architecture, named OMAN, takes into account the formation of the P2P SON(More)