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Over the last decades several efforts have been carried out to determine the mechanisms of salt homeostasis in plants and, more recently, to identify genes implicated in salt tolerance, with some plants being successfully genetically engineered to improve resistance to salt. It is well established that the efficient exclusion of Na(+) excess from the(More)
SEARCH ALGORITHMS FOR SATISFIABILITY PROBLEMS IN COMBINATIONAL SWITCHING CIRCUITS by João Paulo Marques da Silva Chair: Karem A. Sakallah A number of tasks in computer-aided analysis of combinational circuits, including test pattern generation, timing analysis, delay fault testing and logic verification, can be viewed as particular formulations of the(More)
Grid applications comprise several components and web-services that make them highly prone to the occurrence of transient software failures and aging problems. This type of failures often incur in undesired performance levels and unexpected partial crashes. In this paper we present a technique that offers high-availability for Grid services based on(More)
In this paper, we consider low-PMEPR (Peak-to-Mean Envelope Power Ratio) MC-CDMA (Multicarrier Coded Division Multiple Access) schemes. We develop frequencydomain turbo equalizers combined with an iterative estimation and cancellation of nonlinear distortion effects. Our receivers have relatively low complexity, since they allow FFT-based (Fast Fourier(More)
Populus euphratica has been used as a plant model to study resistance against salt and osmotic stresses, with recent studies having characterized the tonoplast and the plasma membrane ATPases, and two Na+/H+ antiporters, homologs of the Arabidopsis tonoplast AtNHX1, were published in databases. In the present work we show that P. euphratica(More)
The intracellular accumulation of organic compatible solutes functioning as osmoprotectants, such as polyols, is an important response mechanism of several plants to drought and salinity. In Olea europaea a mannitol transport system (OeMaT1) was previously characterized as a key player in plant response to salinity. In the present study, heterotrophic sink(More)
In this paper we present an analytical tool for the performance evaluation of nonlinear effects in MC-CDMA signals. This tool takes advantage of the Gaussian-like behavior of MC-CDMA signals with a large number of subcarriers and employs results on memoryless nonlinear devices with Gaussian inputs so as to characterize statistically the signals at the(More)
The efficient exclusion of excess Na from the cytoplasm and vacuolar Na(+) accumulation are the main mechanisms for the adaptation of plants to salt stress. This is typically carried out by transmembrane transport proteins that exclude Na(+) from the cytosol in exchange for H(+), a secondary transport process which is energy-dependent and driven by the(More)