Paulo S. Ribeiro

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Light touch contact of a fingertip with a stationary surface can provide orientation information that enhances control of upright stance. Slight changes in contact force at the fingertip provide sensory cues about the direction of body sway, allowing attenuation of sway. In the present study, we asked to which extent somatosensory cues are part of the(More)
The goal of the present study was to determine the properties of the somatosensory stimulus that alter its temporal coupling to body sway. Six standing subjects were tested while touching a metal plate positioned either directly in front of or lateral to the subject. In each condition, the plate moved 4 mm at 0.2 Hz in either the medial-lateral (ML) or(More)
How tissues acquire their characteristic shape is a fundamental unresolved question in biology. While genes have been characterized that control local mechanical forces to elongate epithelial tissues, genes controlling global forces in epithelia have yet to be identified. Here, we describe a genetic pathway that shapes appendages in Drosophila by defining(More)
Dominance and the establishment of social hierarchies are frequently related to size: the larger individuals gain greater reproductive success, while the smaller ones display alternative mating strategies. We studied the existence of dominance and the alternative mating strategies among Neohelice granulata small (SM) and large (LM) males competing for(More)
Quantum phase estimation with arbitrary constant-precision phase shift operators (9&10) 864 G. Alagic, Quantum algorithms for invariants of triangulated manifolds (9&10) 843 D.M. Appleby, The monomial representations of the Clifford group (5&6) 404 R. Bachman, Perfect state transfer on quotient graphs (3&4) 293 P. Beame, The quantum query complexity of AC0(More)
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