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The air traffic management system is under generalized upgrading process. New requirements of safety arise based on several emerging technologies. This work presents a model to automatically verify safety of actions taken by human traffic controllers in frequent situations. The model uses the formalism of hybrid automata, and consists basically on(More)
The aim of this paper is to present a preliminary work of a Risk Analysis of the CBTC – Communication Based Train Control – Signaling System used in Subway Transport Systems. A CBTC is an automatic continuous train control system utilizing high-resolution train location determination independent of track circuits. It has high supervision and control(More)
The increasing demand for the densification of the national airspace in various social and economic applications have pressed aviation authorities to reduce aircraft separation, allowing more efficient operations in Air Traffic Management (ATM) in a given airspace. However, issues related to the safety of air traffic operations arise when considering the(More)
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