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The increasing influence of socio-organizational issues in information systems poses serious challenges to the applicability of most traditional research approaches, since the mechanisms from which they derive their rigor and validity become more and more unrealistic in the new contexts. Indeed, traditional problem decomposition, standardization of(More)
This article provides the foundations for the new field of research coined Service Networks research. Understanding what factors explain the structure and dynamics of global service networks may lead to a more efficient and balanced society and economy. The concept of service network is formally represented as a business structure made up of services(More)
Many organizations still invest in information technology (IT) without a clear picture of what, how and when benefits will materialize. In fact, only twelve to seventeen percent of companies measure them. This is due, partly, to the complexity of most evaluation approaches and to the difficulty in choosing from a vast number of dissimilar alternatives. On(More)
The authors developed an algorithm and a proof-of-concept tool to help business analysts search a pool of hundreds or thousands of services to find the closest ones to their needs when they are composing business processes, even when an exact match does not exist. The authors achieve this by semantically annotating the services with properties from an(More)