Paulo Ruiz-Grosso

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OBJECTIVES To assess the association between violence against women inflicted by their partner and the prevalence of chronic malnutrition in their children less than five years old. MATERIALS AND METHODS A secondary cross-sectional analysis of the 2001 Peru Demographic and Health Survey performed in Peru, with national representativeness. The dependent(More)
4. Organización Mundial de la Salud. Polio vaccines and routine polio immunization in the pre-eradication era. posi-Los autores declaran no tener conflictos de interés en la publicación de la presente carta. 5. Barbui C, Tansella M. Identification and management of depression in primary care settings. A meta-review of evidence. What is the role of(More)
BACKGROUND Depressive disorders are leading contributors to burden of disease in developing countries. Research aiming to improve their diagnosis and treatment is fundamental in these settings, and psychometric tools are widely used instruments to support mental health research. Our aim is to validate and compare the psychometric properties of the Spanish(More)
BACKGROUND Traffic related injuries are leading contributors to burden of disease worldwide. In developing countries a high proportion of them can be attributed to public transportation vehicles. Several mental disorders including alcohol and drug abuse, psychotic disorders, mental stress, productivity pressure, and low monetary income were found predictors(More)
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