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 The exploration of mobility allow teachers to expand educational resources and transcend the classroom environment. Besides, the use of games for learning can provide additional motivation for students. SilvesterMob is an educational game for mobile phones that intends to help students to consolidate Geography concepts. The game is being developed for(More)
Ultrasound parameters were proposed to characterize femur in vitro from rats. Six quantitative parameters (Apparent Integrated Ultrasonic Backscatter-AIB, Frequency Slope of Apparent Backscatter – FSAB, Temporal Slope Apparent Backscatter-TSAB, Integrated Reflection Coefficient-IRC, Slope and Frequency Integrated Reflection-FSIR and Temporal Slope(More)
Small forest streams and their riparian vegetation are closely linked ecosystems. Stream consumers obtain most of their energy from leaf litter provided by the terrestrial vegetation. Thus, understanding the relationship between riparian vegetation, aquatic communities and litter decomposition may help explaining the variability in aquatic communities and(More)
In the early nineties, Mark Weiser, a chief scientist at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), wrote a series of seminal papers that introduced the concept of Ubiquitous Computing. Within this vision, computers and others digital technologies are integrated seamlessly into everyday objects and activities, hidden from our senses whenever not used or(More)
BACKGROUND Low-intensity physiotherapeutic ultrasound has been used in physical therapy clinics; however, there remain some scientific issues regarding the bone-healing process. The objective of this study was to investigate the influence of low-intensity physiotherapeutic ultrasound on the initial stage of bone healing in rats. METHODS Twenty-two male(More)
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