Paulo Ricardo da Silva Soares

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Link prediction is a well-known task from the Social Network Analysis field that deals with the occurrence of connections in a network. It consists of using the network structure up to a given time in order to predict the appearance of links in a close future. The majority of previous work in link prediction is focused on the application of proximity(More)
Do capuchin monkeys respond to photos as icons? Do they discriminate photos of capuchin monkeys’ faces? Looking for answers to these questions we trained three capuchin monkeys in simple and conditional discrimination tasks and tested the discriminations when comparison stimuli were partially covered. Three capuchin monkeys experienced in simultaneous(More)
This paper investigates the iterative racing approach, I/FRace, for selecting parameters of SVMs. As a racing algorithm, I/F-Race eliminates candidate models as soon as there is sufficient statistical evidence of their inferiority relative to other models with respect to the objective. The results revealed that the I/F-Race algorithm was able to achieve(More)
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