Paulo Ribeiro

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This paper brings a proposal and general specification of a new project that aims to apply Conceptual Blending (Fauconnier and Turner 1998) as a process of creature generation in games. The project we describe is based on Divago (Pereira and Cardoso, 2003 and should be able to bring novelty among creatures that populate a game. Moreover, it is expected to(More)
MuzaCazUza is a system for interactive composition of musical ideas in two phases: first, the program composes a melody by the application of Case-based Reasoning (CBR) techniques, according to a given harmonic line and a set of pre-defined structure; then, a set of transformation operators are available to change the generated idea. We believe(More)
Embalming is a chemical process that aims the preservation and sanitization of the human body indefinitely. The technique of embalming is an important tool in teaching and research in anatomy enabling the preservation of cadaveric material in good conditions (lessening any significant structural changes and maintaining the natural appearance). This article(More)
The European Union introduced several policy instruments based in the extended producer responsibility (EPR) in order to improve the environmental performance of products and services through their life cycles. In this context, the Portuguese government decided to apply the EPR concept to tyres, and producers were obliged to constitute an end-of-life(More)
One of the most important tasks on robot soccer is localization. The team robots should self-localize on the 18 x 12 meters soccer field. Since a few years ago the soccer field has increased and the corner posts were removed and that increased the localization task complexity. One important aspect to take care for a proper localization is to find out the(More)
This paper presents the design and implementation of a remote experiment for controlling the level of a two-tank system. It describes also the management of the team work: it was performed in a remote collaborative methodology by two students of the fourth year of the Industrial Electronics Master Course at University of Minho (UM) and one student from the(More)
Introduction: Rapid canine retraction through distraction of the periodontal ligament is a tooth movement technique that allows space closure of first premolar extraction space within a period of two to three weeks while providing significant reduction in orthodontic treatment time. Objective: To propose changes in the original surgical technique and in the(More)