Paulo P. Freitas

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This paper presents a prototype of a platform for biomolecular recognition detection. The system is based on a magnetoresistive biochip that performs biorecognition assays by detecting magnetically tagged targets. All the electronic circuitry for addressing, driving and reading out signals from spin-valve or magnetic tunnel junctions sensors is implemented(More)
This paper presents a hand-held microsystem based on new fully integrated magnetoresistive biochips for biomolecular recognition (DNA hybridisation, antibody antigen interaction, etc.). These biochips use magnetic field arraying of magnetically tagged biomolecules and high sensitivity sensors which potentially detect single or few biomolecules.(More)
Flow cytometers have been optimized for use in portable platforms, where cell separation, identification and counting can be achieved in a compact and modular format. This feature can be combined with magnetic detection, where magnetoresistive sensors can be integrated within microfluidic channels to detect magnetically labelled cells. This work describes a(More)
Giant Magnetoresistance (GMR) based technology is nowadays the preferred option for low magnetic fields sensing in disciplines such as biotechnology or microelectronics. Their compatibility with standard CMOS processes is currently investigated as a key point for the development of novel applications, requiring compact electronic readout. In this paper,(More)
We demonstrate a quasiballistic switching of the magnetization in a microscopic magnetoresistive memory cell. By means of time resolved magnetotransport, we follow the large angle precession of the free layer magnetization of a spin valve cell upon application of transverse magnetic field pulses. Stopping the field pulse after a 180 degrees precession(More)
Magnetic field mapping with micrometric spatial resolution and high sensitivity is a challenging application, and the technological solutions are usually based on large area devices integrating discrete magnetic flux guide elements. In this work we demonstrate a high performance hybrid device with improved field sensitivity levels and small footprint,(More)