Paulo P. Batista

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The Aspergillus genus belongs to a filamentous fungal group characterized by wide dispersion in the environment. Some species are associated with diseases, especially in immunocompromised patients, while others are of economical importance due to aflatoxin production or biotechnological applications. Its species identification is nowadays performed by(More)
We provide here an overview of, and a summary of results arising from, an extensive experimental campaign (the Spread F Experiment, or SpreadFEx) performed from September to November 2005, with primary measurements in Brazil. The motivation was to define the potential role of neutral atmosphere dynamics, specifically gravity wave motions propagating upward(More)
Common periodic oscillations have been observed in meteor radar measurements of the MLT winds at Cariri (7.4 S, 36.5 W) and Ascension Island (7.9 S, 14.4 W) and in the minimum ionospheric virtual height, hF , measured at Fortaleza (3.9 S, 38.4 W) in 2004, all located in the near equatorial region. Wavelet analysis of these time series reveals that there are(More)
The terrestrial atmosphere is a dynamical system in which periodic oscillations are present and play a significant role in the dynamics of the upper mesosphere and low thermosphere (MLT). It is already well known that atmospheric tides play an important role in the dynamics of the MLT region, and the purpose of this study is to extend our knowledge of(More)
An all-sky CCD airglow imager has been used to obtain a wealth of data on the MLT airglow emissions from Cachoeira Paulista, Brazil (22.7” S, 45.0” W). Measurements of the NIR OH, 01(557.7 nm), 02(0,1) and the thermospheric OI(630.0 rmr) emissions have been made since October 1998. In addition, simultaneous measurements of the airglow zenith intensities and(More)
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