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The growing use of Information Technology in the commercial arena leads to an urgent need to find alternatives to traditional dispute resolution. New tools from fields such as artificial intelligence (AI) should be considered in the process of developing novel online dispute resolution (ODR) platforms, in order to make the ligation process simpler, faster(More)
Shopping centers present a rich and heterogeneous environment, where IT systems can be implemented in order to support the needs of its actors. However, due to the environment complexity, several feasibility issues emerge when designing both the logical and physical architecture of such systems. Additionally, the system must be able to cope with the(More)
Since the advent of artificial intelligence, researchers have been trying to create machines that emulate human behaviour. Back in the 1960s however, Licklider (IRE Trans Hum Factors Electron 4–11, 1960) believed that machines and computers were just part of a scale in which computers were on one side and humans on the other (human computation). After(More)
Cluster analysis of DNA microarray data is an important but difficult task in knowledge discovery processes. Many clustering methods are applied to analysis of data for gene expression, but none of them is able to deal with an absolute way with the challenges that this technology raises. Due to this, many applications have been developed for visually(More)
This study presents and approach to measure the levels of acute stress in humans by analysing their behavioural patterns when interacting with technological devices. We study the effects of stress on eight behavioural, physical and cognitive features. The data was collected with the participation of 19 users in different phases, with different levels of(More)
The main purpose to attain with the advent of clinical decision support systems is either to improve the quality of patient care or to reduce the occurrence of clinical malpractice, such as medical errors and defensive medicine. It is therefore necessary a machine-readable support to integrate the recommendations of Clinical Practice Guidelines in such(More)
Abstr act. When contracting through software agents, disputes will inevitably arise. Thus there is an urgent need to find alternatives to litigation for resolving conflicts. Methods of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) need to be considered to resolve such disputes. Having agents understanding what the dispute is about, managing all interaction between the(More)