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The growing use of Information Technology in the commercial arena leads to an urgent need to find alternatives to traditional dispute resolution. New tools from fields such as artificial intelligence (AI) should be considered in the process of developing novel online dispute resolution (ODR) platforms, in order to make the ligation process simpler, faster(More)
Since the advent of artificial intelligence, researchers have been trying to create machines that emulate human behaviour. Back in the 1960s however, Licklider (IRE Trans Hum Factors Electron 4–11, 1960) believed that machines and computers were just part of a scale in which computers were on one side and humans on the other (human computation). After(More)
This study presents and approach to measure the levels of acute stress in humans by analysing their behavioural patterns when interacting with technological devices. We study the effects of stress on eight behavioural, physical and cognitive features. The data was collected with the participation of 19 users in different phases, with different levels of(More)
Abstr act. When contracting through software agents, disputes will inevitably arise. Thus there is an urgent need to find alternatives to litigation for resolving conflicts. Methods of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) need to be considered to resolve such disputes. Having agents understanding what the dispute is about, managing all interaction between the(More)
In the last years we have witnessed to a substantial increase on the number of people in need of care services, especially among the elderly, a phenomenon related to population ageing. However, this is becoming not exclusive of the elderly, as diseases like obesity, diabetes, and blood pressure have been increasing amongst young adults. This is a new(More)
The use of technology to support conflict resolution is nowadays well established. Moreover, technological solutions are not only used to solve traditional conflicts but also to solve conflicts that emerge in virtual environments. Therefore, a new field of research has been developing in which the use of Artificial Intelligence techniques can significantly(More)
Demographical and social changes have an enormous effect on health care, emergency and welfare services. Indeed, as the average age continues to rise, it is set the mood to an exponential growth in assistance and care, resulting in higher service costs, a decrease in quality of service, or even both. On the other hand, as part of the evolution of(More)
Collaborative Work plays an important role in today's organizations and normally in areas where decisions must be made. However, any decision that involves a collective or group of decision makers is, by itself, complex. In this work we present the VirtualECare project, built in terms of an intelligent multi-agent system able to monitor, interact and serve(More)