Paulo Novais

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Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) is a new paradigm of Swarm Intelligence. Particle swarms are a valuable tool to nd optima in a tness landscape in <n, especially useful when dealing with a high number of dimensions and problems where problem speci c information is non-existent. Its rapid convergence and small computational requirements make it a good(More)
Since the advent of artificial intelligence, researchers have been trying to create machines that emulate human behaviour. Back in the 1960s however, Licklider (IRE Trans Hum Factors Electron 4–11, 1960) believed that machines and computers were just part of a scale in which computers were on one side and humans on the other (human computation). After(More)
This article proposes a process for automatic population of ontologies from text that applies natural language processing and information extraction techniques to acquire and classify ontology instances. The work is part of HERMES, an FCT/CAPES research project looking for techniques and tools for automating the process of ontology learning and population.(More)
Learning Non-Taxonomic Relationships is a sub-field of Ontology learning that aims at automating the extraction of these relationships from text. This article proposes PARNT, a novel approach that supports ontology engineers in extracting these elements from corpora of plain English. PARNT is parametrized, extensible and uses original solutions that help to(More)
The growing use of Information Technology in the commercial arena leads to an urgent need to find alternatives to traditional dispute resolution. New tools from fields such as artificial intelligence (AI) should be considered in the process of developing novel online dispute resolution (ODR) platforms, in order to make the ligation process simpler, faster(More)
A multi-modal approach for activity classification and fall detection José Carlos Castillo a , Davide Carneiro b , Juan Serrano-Cuerda a , Paulo Novais b , Antonio Fernández-Caballero a & José Neves b a Instituto de Investigación en Informática de Albacete, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Albacete, 02071, Spain b Departamento de Informatica, Universidade(More)
This study presents and approach to measure the levels of acute stress in humans by analysing their behavioural patterns when interacting with technological devices. We study the effects of stress on eight behavioural, physical and cognitive features. The data was collected with the participation of 19 users in different phases, with different levels of(More)
Tourist recommendation systems have been growing over the last years, mainly because of the use of mobile devices to obtain user context. This work discuss some of the most relevant systems on the field and presents PSiS Mobile, which is a mobile recommendation and planning application designed to support a tourist during his vacations. It provides(More)
The analysis and development of a novel approach to asphalt pavement modeling, able to attend the need to predict the failure according to technical and non-technical criteria in a highway, is a hard task, namely in terms of the huge amount of possible scenarios. Indeed, the current state-of-the-art for service-life prediction is at empiric and(More)