Paulo Martins Soares Filho

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Brucellosis is a worldwide distributed zoonosis that causes important economic losses to animal production. In Brazil, information on the distribution of biovars and genotypes of Brucella spp. is scarce or unavailable. This study aimed (i) to biotype and genotype 137 Brazilian cattle isolates (from 1977 to 2008) of B. abortus and (ii) to analyze their(More)
This study aimed to develop and validate real-time PCR for the diagnosis of Mycobacterium bovis isolates. Two hundred and seventy-four M. bovis isolates and 156 M. tuberculosis isolates were tested. Both qPCRs amplified all of the 274 M. bovis samples, but none of the 156 M. tuberculosis samples. The qPCR for PE-PGRS 20 had 91% efficiency and a detection(More)
Mycobacterium bovis is the causative agent of bovine tuberculosis (BTB), the pathogen responsible for serious economic impact on the livestock sector. In order to obtain data on isolated M. bovis strains and assist in the control and eradication program for BTB, a cross sectional descriptive molecular epidemiology study in the Brazilian Midwest was(More)
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