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Transmission Estimation in Underwater Single Images
This paper proposes a methodology to estimate the transmission in underwater environments which consists on an adaptation of the Dark Channel Prior (DCP), a statistical prior based on properties ofExpand
Underwater Depth Estimation and Image Restoration Based on Single Images
The authors present a method based on a physical model of light propagation that takes into account the most significant effects to image degradation: absorption, scattering, and backscattering to restore the visual quality of the images acquired in typical underwater scenarios. Expand
DeepDive: An End-to-End Dehazing Method Using Deep Learning
This work demonstrates that a convolutional neural network with a deep architecture and a large image database is able to learn the entire process of dehazing, without the need to adjust parameters, resulting in a much more generic method. Expand
Probabilistic LMA-based classification of human behaviour understanding using Power Spectrum technique
A Bayesian network is presented to understand human action and behaviour based on 3D spatial data and using the LMA concept which is a known human movement descriptor to classify actions. Expand
Towards comparison of underwater SLAM methods: An open dataset collection
An open collection of simulated datasets produced using the Underwater Simulator (UWSim) contain several trajectories in simulated scenarios with various levels of turbidity that can be used to analyse and to perform Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM). Expand
Visual odometry and mapping for Underwater Autonomous Vehicles
An accuracy and robust approach to several underwater conditions, as illumination and noise, leading to a promissory and original visual odometry and mapping technique is revealed. Expand
Abstract. This paper presents an approach to develop dynamic models of underwater vehicles which have open frame architecture and symmetrical planes. A ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) was especiallyExpand
Data Fusion Calibration for a 3D Laser Range Finder and a Camera using Inertial Data
A new method to perform the extrinsic calibration between a pinhole camera and a 3D-LRF with the aid of an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) is proposed, which is innovate in terms of higher exibility and wider range of application. Expand
Hybrid Unmanned Aerial Underwater Vehicle: Modeling and simulation
The complete modeling and simulation of an unmanned vehicle with combined aerial and underwater capabilities, called Hybrid Unmanned Aerial Underwater Vehicle (HUAUV), is presented, which is the first vehicle that is able to navigate in both environment without mechanical adaptation during the medium transitions. Expand
Novelty detection and 3D shape retrieval using superquadrics and multi-scale sampling for autonomous mobile robots
This paper proposes a framework to detect, and represent changes through a compact model, based on Gaussian mixture models; fitting superquadrics to detected changes; and refinement and optimization using the split and merge paradigm. Expand