Paulo J. Santos

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This paper describes an algorithm to detect user's mental chunks by analysis of pause lengths in goal-directed human-computer interaction. Identifying and characterizing users' chunks can help in gauging the users' level of expertise. The algorithm described in this paper works with information collected by an automatic logging mechanism. Therefore, it is(More)
The purpose of the present study was to analyze longitudinal changes in 3,000 m running performance and the relationship with selected physiological parameters. Eighteen well-trained male middle-distance runners were measured six times (x3 per year) throughout two consecutive competitive seasons. The following parameters were measured on each occasion:(More)
This paper presents a simple but very powerful technique to support user interface evaluation along with a prototype open environment — I-Observe, the Interface OBServation, Evaluation, Recording, and Visualization Environment — which supports a preliminary implementation of this technique. This technique operates by recording user interface sessions in(More)
Human trampling is a common type of disturbance associated with outdoor recreational activities in coastal ecosystems. In this study, the effect of trampling on the meiofaunal harpacticoid copepod assemblage inhabiting turfs on a coral reef was investigated. In Porto de Galinhas, northeastern Brazil, reef formations near the beach are one of the main(More)
Designers of interactive systems often work in environments that am continuously changing. External, uncontrollable change is rapidly becoming a daily impedim~t in many designers' lives. In this age of rapid technologml progression and heightened competition, systems designers must be able to prepare for, cope with, and even pdbrm better because of(More)
The algorithms for short-term load forecast (STLF), especially within the next-hour horizon, belong to a group of methodologies that aim to render more effective the actions of planning, operating and controlling electric energy systems (EES). In the context of the progressive liberalisation of the electricity sector, unbundling of the previous monopolistic(More)
Despite the increasing risk that ocean acidification will modify benthic communities, great uncertainty remains about how this impact will affect the lower trophic levels, such as members of the meiofauna. A mesocosm experiment was conducted to investigate the effects of water acidification on a phytal meiofauna community from a coral reef. Community(More)
The poroid fungi are macroscopic fungi whose fertile surface is usually poroid. Most of them are saprobes on dead wood and play fundamental role in nutrient cycling, mostly releasing carbon removed from the atmosphere by autotrophic organisms. Despite their importance, little is known about factors affecting polypore occurrence in the Neotropics. In this(More)