Paulo J. Santos

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This paper describes an algorithm to detect user's mental chunks by analysis of pause lengths in goal-directed human-computer interaction. Identifying and characterizing users' chunks can help in gauging the users' level of expertise. The algorithm described in this paper works with information collected by an automatic logging mechanism. Therefore, it is(More)
Designers of interactive systems often work in environments that am continuously changing. External, uncontrollable change is rapidly becoming a daily impedim~t in many designers' lives. In this age of rapid technologml progression and heightened competition, systems designers must be able to prepare for, cope with, and even pdbrm better because of(More)
This paper presents a simple but very powerful technique to support user interface evaluation, along with a prototype implementation of this technique. This technique provides tools to allow the user interface evaluator to combine event streams and video recording, analyzing the event stream to search for patterns of interesting or important user actions,(More)
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