Paulo Henrique Dias Quinderé

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Healthcare relations serve as efficient devices for the promotion of mental health and the development of comprehensive practices. This study seeks to analyze the measures that make mental healthcare possible in the daily operations of a Psychosocial Healthcare Center (CAPS). It is qualitative research adopting a critical and reflexive approach conducted in(More)
The use of crack cocaine has given rise to an intense discussion in society. Research has contributed to the characterization of users and the negative consequences of its use. However, few studies have conducted in-depth study of the social and cultural contexts in which crack cocaine is used. Thus, this study seeks to discuss the ritual of crack cocaine(More)
Psycho-social Care Centers (PCC) are also designed to coordinate actions in mental health care in Brazil, mainly at Primary Health Care (PHC) level. Matrix support is one of the pillars of the program, as it aims to ensure assistance of specialized back-up staff to the health teams. In this respect, this research seeks to understand how matrix actions in(More)
This study aims to understand the production of comprehensive care in prenatal care in a Basic Unity of Family Health in Fortaleza. To this end, we conducted semi-structured interviews with a user, whose prenatal care was provided by a Basic Unity of Family Health, as well as systematic observations of her prenatal care appointments. Data analysis,(More)
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