Paulo H. P. de Carvalho

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A robust genetic circuit optimizer using Unscented Transform and Non-dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm-II is presented. The algorithm provides significant decrease in computational cost compared to Monte Carlo method. This transform permits the circuit performance uncertainties determination from components uncertainties, thus, a search through robustness(More)
The optimization of circuits with the aim of improving performance, lowering costs, and more recently, to reduce the size and weight of electronic devices, among other objectives, has become a research field in the areas of mathematics and engineering around the world (Antoniou & Lu, 2007). The problem can be interpreted as: among all possible models for(More)
Impedance network topology optimization method is proposed for saving die area and increasing performance. The technique was applied on a fully integrated Doherty Power Amplifier design in 65nm CMOS technology. Measurement results achieve a constant 24% PAE performance over a 7 dB backoff, P<sub>out</sub> of 23.4dBm and 15dB of gain. The optimization(More)
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