Paulo Freitas

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It is well known that randomness is present in daily life and that often it is desirable to recognize inherent characteristics of this randomness. Probability theory describes a quantification of the uncertainty associated with this randomness. Based on probability theory, the present research describes an alternative methodology to the traditional(More)
In this paper we present a study through which we intended to understand children's preference towards book formats, in particular digital or paper ones. To accomplish this, we created an original story (Ritinha) illustrated by two children. The traditional book format was composed by static images and text. The digital format had animated images,(More)
We present "Second Look", a platform of interactive surfaces and wearable computing for helping people, in particular creative writers, to overcome writer's block. The novelty of our systems stems from the addition of wearable devices (Google Glass) and crowdsourcing to improve creative writing on tablets and phones. A primary challenge in developing and(More)
We present "Second Look", a platform for helping people, in particular creative writers, to overcome writer's block. This ubiquitous platform combines augmented reality (Google Glass and AR markers), ubiquitous computing (mobile phones), and crowdsourcing in order to improve the creativity, focus and performance of creative writers. A primary challenge in(More)
Writing is one of the oldest human activities, dating back as far as 3200 BCE. This paper provides an industrial case study about understanding the creative writing process using interviews and directed storytelling on aspiring and established writers and educators, performed during a one year capstone project, where teams of HCI students pair up with(More)
This article presents a method that without any prior knowledge of a network of cameras, in an automatic and in an on-line mode, estimates their positional relation. The developed method is also able to adapt the estimation of the topology automatically, if some change is made on the network, as adding or removing cameras, and changing the position relative(More)
The management of a global activity that has individual tasks as its components is very difficult, because an unexpected interruption in any individual task can create extra costs or even disrupt the whole activity. To resolve this problem, this work presents the development of a decision-support tool using Bayesian networks (BN). Our research illustrates(More)
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