Paulo Fonseca

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BACKGROUND Eucalyptus species are among the most planted hardwoods in the world because of their rapid growth, adaptability and valuable wood properties. The development and integration of genomic resources into breeding practice will be increasingly important in the decades to come. Bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) libraries are key genomic tools that(More)
Software-Defined Networking (SDN) provides a new paradigm for developing innovative management applications for networks and a new way to look for the resolution to the many problems which exist throughout the Internet today. The most popular approach to this paradigm is centralized network management. This approach aims to simplify the complex and(More)
Network management is a challenging problem of wide impact with many enterprises suffering significant monetary losses, that can be of millions per hour, due to network issues, as downtime cost. The Software Defined Networks (SDN) approach is a new paradigm that enables the management of networks with low cost and complexity. The SDN architecture consists(More)
The Internet's interdomain routing architecture has undergone only minor changes since its inception. It presents issues difficult to solve such as the difficulty in deploying new features, understanding its behavior and dynamics, identification and faults correction. Efforts have been made to address these issues but implementation of new applications onto(More)
Software-defined networks (SDN), an emergent paradigm for network management, define abstractions to represent network entities and logically centralize them in a network controller. We argue that SDN's abstraction is the most promising way to successfully create agent-based architectures to control and manage large-scale parts of the Internet. This article(More)
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