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The realization of the contribution of peasant agriculture to food security in the midst of scenarios of climate change, economic and energy crisis, led to the concepts of food sovereignty and agroecologically based production systems to gain much attention in the developing world in the last two decades. New approaches and technologies involving(More)
PURPOSE Mycobacterium paratuberculosis has been proposed as a causative agent in patients with Crohn's disease. The purpose of this study was to determine whether M. paratuberculosis was present in tissue from patients with Crohn's disease in a defined geographic area. METHODS We prospectively evaluated, using polymerase chain reaction and culture,(More)
Priorities in the diagnosis and treatment of a multiple trauma with injuries to the thorax and pelvis are usually determined by the pattern and the severity of the injury sustained. In this case a haemodynamically unstable patient with severest pelvic trauma and a moderate thoracic trauma developed progressive haemodynamic instability during an intervention(More)
In the emergency department, photography requires an expedient, portable, adaptable, and relatively simple camera system to take advantage of fleeting opportunities for recording visually educational material. These prerequisites are different from those for traditional medical photography, for which relatively plentiful time and advanced equipment are(More)
The institutional recognition obtained by family farming in Brazil over recent decades has translated into the launching of a broad and diverse set of public policies specifically aimed towards this sociopolitical category. However, the design of these policies was heavily influenced by the productivist bias derived from the agricultural modernization(More)
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