Paulo E. Miyagi

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The adequate evaluation of new technologies in productive systems that perform multiple and simultaneous processes, exploring the intense sharing of resources, demands the updating of supervision and control systems. On the other hand, totally infallible systems are unviable, and for a flexible productive system (FPS) does not to suffer interruptions due to(More)
Escola Politécnica da USP – This paper presents a set of special requirements to development of intelligent building control software. It includes the degeneration technique (gradual reduction of the building service level). The method involves an organized activities sequence that results in artifacts such as models and control software(More)
Recent studies show the designs of automated systems are becoming increasingly complex to meet the global competitive market. Additionally, organizations have focused on policies to achieve people's safety and health, environmental management system, and controlling of risks, based on standards. In this context, any industrial system in the event of a fault(More)
When a patient have severe heart diseases, Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) implantation may be necessary. However, the improvement of the interaction between the device and the patient's behavior is crucial. Currently, the control of these pumps does not follow changes in patient behavior and the devices are no safe. Therefore, if VAD has no faults(More)