Paulo Cunha

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This paper describes and evaluates the performance of three dedicated path protection schemes (Two Step, Two Step with backtracking and One Step) for all-optical networks , operating with full conversion and the main wavelength assignment algorithms (Random, First-Fit and Most Used) under different network topologies. Further, this work evaluates the impact(More)
We propose a framework for the development of next generation e-health systems and services. It results from the joint work of diverse research groups with 20 to 25 years of experience in their respective fields (e.g., business process management, medical informatics, business intelligence), and it articulates five elements: the mining of care workflows;(More)
— This paper investigates the fairness problem in all-optical networks without wavelength conversion under dynamic traffic loads. We propose a new classification strategy to mitigate the fairness problem called Fair-Fit. Our strategy is based on previous simulation studies that are carried out off-line. In addition, we introduce an equation that allows one(More)
This paper proposes the use of Bayesian networks to support the decision-making process in public health systems. In particular, this paper presents LARIISA_Bay, a new component based on Bayesian networks that works together with LARIISA, a context-aware platform to support applications in public health systems. The main goal of the proposed component is to(More)
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