Paulo Costa

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Achieving agile Command and Control in Maritime Operations requires composeability-the ability to construct responses " on the fly " to queries about a given situation, by discovering and drawing upon the appropriate resources from among the vast collection of resources existing on a distributed network. Although net-centric architectures such as FORCEnet(More)
Declaration I hereby declare that this thesis has not been submitted for a degree to any university Signature: Acknowledgements In the course of this research I often felt I was abusing the idea of interdisciplinarity. I n fact, it felt like a path between two large gardens. These chapters are the report of those clandestine walks. The report makes a(More)
Industry trends aimed at integrating higher levels of circuit functionality have triggered a proliferation of mixed analog-digital systems. Magniied noise coupling through the common chip substrate has made the design and veriication of such systems an increasingly diicult task. In this paper we present a fast eigendecomposition technique that accelerates(More)
RoboCup is no longer just the Soccer World Cup for autonomous robots but has evolved to become a coordinated initiative encompassing four different robotics events: (1) Soccer, (2) Rescue, (3) Junior (focused on education), and (4) a Scientific Symposium. RoboCup-2003 took place from 2 to 11 July 2003 in Padua (Italy); it was colocated with other scientific(More)
Declaration I hereby declare that this thesis has not been submitted, either in the same or different form, to this or any other university for a degree. Acknowledgements I am grateful to my supervisor Hilary Buxton for her constant advice and support throughout the thesis. I particularly thank Des Watson, David Collins, Sabrina Ronen and Martin Leach for(More)