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Four species of Aplastodiscus and two species of Hypsiboas were cytogenetically compared. Aplastodiscus perviridis, A. cochranae, H. albomarginaus, and H. faber had 2n = 24 chromosomes, while A.(More)
In the present study, we examined the chromosome number and morphology, heterochromatin pattern, and location of the nucleolar organizer region (NOR) and telomeric sequences in Aplastodiscus(More)
The taxonomic status of a disjunctive population of Phyllomedusa from southern Brazil was diagnosed using molecular, chromosomal, and morphological approaches, which resulted in the recognition of a(More)
Bokermannohyla juiju is a member of the B. martinsi species group and it was described based on one male specimen. In order to enhance the knowledge about the species, we describe its advertisement(More)