Paulo Cesar Vaz Guimarães

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Using a longitudinal matched employer-employee data set for Portugal over the 1986-2005 period, this study analyzes the heterogeneity in wages responses to aggregate labor market conditions for newly hired workers and existing workers. Controlling simultaneously for worker and firm specific effects, the results show that entry wages are much more(More)
Futility studies are designed to test new treatments over a short period in a small number of subjects to determine if those treatments are worthy of larger and longer term studies, or if they should be abandoned. An appropriate outcome measure for a neuroprotection futility study in Parkinson's disease (sensitive to tracking disease progression in the(More)
This chapter analyzes the locational probability of manufacturing investment by foreign based multinational companies (MNCs) in Central Europe. The analysis focuses on direct investment during the early years of the economic transition to capitalism, using 1990-93 individual plant data reported for new operations. The probability of country selection was(More)
Executive Summary The Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina conducted a study of the economic impact of BMW Manufacturing Co., LLC (BMW), on South Carolina during 2007‐08. This report presents the results of that effort. The South Carolina operation is the company's first and only manufacturing plant in North America. Over the past(More)
This paper analyzes entrepreneurs in South Africa's informal sector. The aim is to determine the extent to which African informal retail trade spawns viable enterprises. To assess the prospects for South Africa's informal retail sector, questionnaires were obtained from owners of small-scale establishments in random sample taken throughout the country in(More)
In this paper I analyze the state of Portuguese research in Economics based on publications in international journals for the period of 1986 to 2000. I find that scientific production is increasing but productivity remains low. I also provide a revealing characterization of the production habits of Portuguese researchers by answering the following(More)