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Red blood cell activities of superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase, two key enzymes responsible for the control of the concentrations of activated oxygen species, were approximately two-fold higher in residents of Vila Parisi (Cubatão, Brazil)--a higher polluted neighborhood--than in a population sample from São Paulo City. The catalase levels(More)
7 and preventive and therapeutic measures. The association between maternal immunization and newborn hemolytic diseases as well as resistance to malaria caused by Plasmodium vivax observed in carriers of the Duffy negative phenotype [Fy(a-b-)] illustrate these conditions.(11) The molecular basis of blood group polymorphisms is well understood. However,(More)
The importance of the haemoglobinopathies, mainly thalassaemia, as a public health problem has been emphasized. The establishment of methods for detection and diagnosis of haemoglobinopathies is the major step in laboratories dedicated to screening anemias. Tables for the diagnosis of alpha and beta thalassaemia are proposed, the methods to identify(More)
Erythropoietic and hemoglobin DNA transcriptional activities were analyzed in the diploid and the tetraploid Odontophrynus americanus. Flow cytometric analyses of DNA, RNA and mitochondrial contents showed increased genic activity in both diploid and tetraploid animals during erythropoiesis in vivo elicited by pretreatment phenylhydrazine. Generally, higher(More)
A method for a screening program for haemoglobinopathies in a starch agar gel mixed with saponin is presented. Normal and abnormal blood containing haemoglobins S, C, I, M Boston, D Punjab, beta thalassaemia major and beta thalassaemia minor, were applied, in a tray with the capacity for 100 samples. The electrophoresis was performed in 45 min using 300 V.(More)
Haptoglobin types were determined in 626 individuals living in the State of São Paulo (Brazil). Of these, 484 had Hb AA, 31 major beta thalassemia, 43 minor beta thalassemia, 14 Hb SS, and 54 Hb AS. Frequency distribution of the three most common types observed among patients with type beta thalassemia differed significantly from that observed in the(More)
The State of SBo Paulo, located in the southeastern region of Brazil, covers an area of 247,320 km* and is inhabited by approximately 25 million persons distributed among 930 cities and towns. During the period 1827-1932 its population, which for almost 300 years had consisted basically of Portuguese colonists, African slaves, and mestizos, was supplemented(More)
Human oxyhaemoglobin A and A2 from normal individuals and oxyhaemoglobin S from patients with sickle cell anaemia and sickle cell trait were studied using Isopropanol/buffer method at 37 degrees C and 40 degrees C. Hb S was less stable than Hb A, whereas Hb A2 was considerably more stable than either. Denaturation of Hb S was dependent on temperature and(More)
DOI: 10.5581/1516-8484.20120003 All pigments of hemoglobin (oxyhemoglobin, methemoglobin, sulphemoglobin and carboxyhemoglobin) are of clinical importance and each has a laboratorial characteristic in the absorption spectrum. Methemoglobin, in which the ferrous iron atom of the heme group has been oxidized to a ferric iron atom, is unable to carry molecular(More)