Paulo Cesar Naoum

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Red blood cell activities of superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase, two key enzymes responsible for the control of the concentrations of activated oxygen species, were approximately two-fold higher in residents of Vila Parisi (Cubatão, Brazil)--a higher polluted neighborhood--than in a population sample from São Paulo City. The catalase levels(More)
7 and preventive and therapeutic measures. The association between maternal immunization and newborn hemolytic diseases as well as resistance to malaria caused by Plasmodium vivax observed in carriers of the Duffy negative phenotype [Fy(a-b-)] illustrate these conditions. The molecular basis of blood group polymorphisms is well understood. However,(More)
  • P C Naoum
  • 1979
The importance of the haemoglobinopathies, mainly thalassaemia, as a public health problem has been emphasized. The establishment of methods for detection and diagnosis of haemoglobinopathies is the major step in laboratories dedicated to screening anemias. Tables for the diagnosis of alpha and beta thalassaemia are proposed, the methods to identify(More)
In the present report the authors identified a rare haemoglobin, Hb D Punjab, in association with Sydenham's Chorea. They emphasize the importance of characterizing unusual haemoglobins by peptide mapping, particularly when the electrophoretic pattern shows the characteristics of known haemoglobins and when associated with pathologic states.
Human oxyhaemoglobin A and A2 from normal individuals and oxyhaemoglobin S from patients with sickle cell anaemia and sickle cell trait were studied using Isopropanol/buffer method at 37 degrees C and 40 degrees C. Hb S was less stable than Hb A, whereas Hb A2 was considerably more stable than either. Denaturation of Hb S was dependent on temperature and(More)
  • P C Naoum
  • 1977
Peptide mapping or fingerprint of delta chain of haemoglobin A2 at pH 3.5 in comparison at pH 6.4 was investigated. The peptides which are in the neutral zone at pH 6.4 can be separated with efficiency at pH 3.5 and this method makes the interpretation and extraction of several peptides easy.