Paulo Castro

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We present Magnet Mail (MM), a visualization system to retrieve information from email archives via a zoomable interface. MM allows users to infer relationships among their email documents based on searching keywords. The prototype interacts with a mass-market email system and uses a magnet metaphor to simulate user interaction with emails. The graphical(More)
The antifungal effect of three furyl compounds closely related to resveratrol, (E)-3,4,5-trimethoxy-β-(2-furyl)-styrene (1), (E)-4-methoxy-β-(2-furyl)-styrene (2) and (E)-3,5-dimethoxy-β-(2-furyl)-styrene (3) against Botrytis cinerea was analyzed. The inhibitory effect, at 100 µg ml(-1) of compounds 1, 2, 3 and resveratrol on conidia germination, was(More)
Squirrel monkeys (genus Saimiri) are agile, arboreal primates that are seldom captured in the wild due to their small body size (<1 kg) and large, non-cohesive social groups (40-50 individuals). However, long-term studies on these primates often require captures and permanent identification of individuals, in order to monitor their behavior and health. Here(More)
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