Paulo Carvalho

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This paper considers the use of SC-FDE techniques (single-carrier with frequency-domain equalization) with low-complexity soft combining ARQ schemes (automatic repeat request). With our technique, packets associated to different transmission attempts are combined in a soft way, allowing improved performances. Moreover, the transmitter and receiver(More)
Ambient Assisted Living is based on a set of technologies with the aim to provide an enhanced support to people’s daily life. One important field deals with the offer of new solutions for healthcare. Those solutions intend to improve the population quality of life and reduce costs associated with healthcare. Before that happens, new platforms, hardware and(More)
Mechanisms associated with energy expenditure during gait have been extensively researched and studied. According to the double-inverted pendulum model energy expenditure is higher during double support, as lower limbs need to work to redirect the centre of mass velocity. This study looks into how the ground reaction force of one limb affects the muscle(More)
This study assessed the anti-biofouling performance of an experimental adhesive system containing a naturally occurring essential vegetable oil and examined the following physical and mechanical properties: water sorption (WS) and solubility (SL), microtensile bond strength to dentin (μTBS), and degree of conversion. The following six groups were tested: a(More)
This paper deals with multi-packet detection for SC modulations (Single-Carrier) with FDE (Frequency- Domain Equalization). We consider iterative frequency-domain receivers that jointly perform equalization, multi-packet separation and channel decoding operations, for up to Qmax mobile terminals transmitting in one slot. In this paper we(More)
Most of the network service specifications are implemented using relational databases or XML schemas. However, those specifications are not flexible and expressive enough to be extended with new service classes, different corporate policies, network configurations and deployment strategies; thus, most of the QoS management operations are implemented as(More)
This work presents a study on the reconfiguration requirements of wireless sensor network for biomedical applications. It is presented a wireless platform operating in a smart suit, the required monitored parameters and possible monitoring scenarios. The smart suit is currently used only for one scenario, which consists of monitoring handicapped people,(More)
This paper describes the current situation of animal tuberculosis in Portugal, reviewing the accomplishments and constraints of the 2001-2009 period. Notwithstanding the substantial progress achieved with the implementation of a comprehensive test and cull scheme, notification, postmortem inspection and surveillance at slaughterhouses, herd and animal(More)