Paulo Camargo Silva

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The exploitation of the spin in charge-based systems is opening revolutionary opportunities for device architecture. Surprisingly, room temperature electrical transport through magnetic nanowires is still an unresolved issue. Here, we show that ferromagnetic (Co) suspended atom chains spontaneously display an electron transport of half a conductance(More)
Here, we describe the development of an inexpensive and versatile manipulation system for in situ experiments in a field emission scanning electron microscope based on a parallel-guiding plate-spring mechanism and low cost materials. The system has been tested for a wide range of applications, such as collecting, moving, and positioning particles,(More)
Nanometric objects attract huge interest due to their new and unexpected physical and chemical properties [1], which may allow the development of new technological devices. The study of these nano-objects is seriously limited by the fact that well-established conventional tools can not be easily applied in this size range. The development of new instruments(More)
This work investigates a procedure to design an Industrial Ecosystem for sequestrating CO2 and consuming glycerol in a Chemical Complex with 15 integrated processes. The Complex is responsible for the production of methanol, ethylene oxide, ammonia, urea, dimethyl carbonate, ethylene glycol, glycerol carbonate, β-carotene, 1,2-propanediol and olefins, and(More)
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