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An interesting strategy for improvement of a complex trait dissects the complex trait in a number of physiological component traits, with the latter having hopefully a simple genetic basis. The complex trait is then improved via improvement of its component traits. As first part of such a strategy to improve yield in pepper, we present genetic and QTL(More)
The monitoring of economic developments is an exercise of considerable importance for policymakers, namely, central banks and fiscal authorities as well as for other economic agents such as financial intermediaries, firms and households. However, the assessment of the business cycle is not an easy endeavor as the cyclical component is not an observable(More)
Commutative Jordan algebras are used to drive an highly tractable framework for balanced factorial designs with a prime number p of levels for their factors. Both fixed effects and random effects models are treated. Sufficient complete statistics are obtained and used to derive UMVUE for the relevant parameters. Confidence regions are obtained and it is(More)
MOTIVATION One of the most widely used models to analyse genotype-by-environment data is the additive main effects and multiplicative interaction (AMMI) model. Genotype-by-environment data resulting from multi-location trials are usually organized in two-way tables with genotypes in the rows and environments (location-year combinations) in the columns. The(More)
JEL classification: C50 E32 Keywords: Band-pass filter Principal components Singular spectrum analysis US business cycle a b s t r a c t In this paper we resort to singular spectrum analysis to disentangle the US GDP into several underlying components of interest. The business cycle indicator yielded through this method is shown to bear a resemblance with(More)
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