Paulo C. Rech

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This paper reports two-dimensional parameter-space plots for both, the hyperbolic tangent and the piecewise-linear neuron activation functions of a three-dimensional Hopfield neural network. The plots obtained using both neuron activation functions are compared, and we show that similar features are present on them. The occurrence of self-organized periodic(More)
In this paper we investigate three two-dimensional parameter spaces of a three-parameter set of autonomous differential equations used to model the Chua oscillator, where the piecewise-linear function usually taken to describe the nonlinearity of the Chua diode has been replaced by a cubic polynomial. It is made by using three independent two-dimensional(More)
Recent methods for stabilizing systems like, e.g., loss-modulated CO2 lasers, involve inducing controlled monostability via slow parameter modulations. However, such stabilization methods presuppose detailed knowledge of the structure and size of basins of attraction. In this Brief Report, we numerically investigate basin size evolution when parameters are(More)
We analytically investigate the dynamics of the generalized Lorenz equations obtained by Stenflo for acoustic gravity waves. By using Descartes’ Rule of Signs and Routh–Hurwitz Test, we decide on the stability of the fixed points of the Lorenz–Stenflo system, although without explicit solution of the eigenvalue equation. We determine the precise location(More)