Paulo B. Vasconcelos

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Low-level laser irradiation (LLLI) and recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein type 2 (rhBMP-2) have been used to stimulate bone formation. LLLI stimulates proliferation of osteoblast precursor cells and cell differentiation and rhBMP-2 recruits osteoprogenitor cells to the bone healing area. This in vivo study evaluated the effects of LLLI and rhBMP-2(More)
The purpose of this study was to analyze the electromyographic (EMG) activity and the maximal molar bite force in women diagnosed with osteoporosis in the maxillary and mandibular regions, considering the habits and conditions that lead to development of generalized skeletal bone loss, including on face bones, can disturb the functional harmony of the(More)
Three iterative refinement schemes are studied for approximating the solutions of linear weakly singular Fredholm integral equations of the second kind. The rates of convergence and computational costs of the three schemes are studied and compared with the classical approach by applying them respectively to: (i) a sparse linear system associated with an(More)
This paper describes a parallel implementation of the Jacobi-Davidson method to compute eigenpairs of large unsymmetric matrices. Taking advantage of the capabilities of the PETSc library —Portable Ex-tensible Toolkit for Scientific Computation—, we build an efficient and robust code adapted either for traditional serial computation or parallel computing(More)
In this work we consider the numerical solution of a radiative transfer equation for modeling the emission of photons in stellar atmospheres. Mathematically, the problem is formulated in terms of a weakly singular Fredholm integral equation defined on a Banach space. Computational approaches to solve the problem are discussed, using direct and iterative(More)
The Operational Tau method is presented to solve optimal control problems considering first finite time horizon and then infinite time. For the latter, a domain transformation technique is studied as well as a special treatment for the orthogonal polynomial basis to obtain the numerical approximation of the solution. Numerical results obtained via a MATLAB(More)