Paulo Augusto Nardi

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This paper presents a partially-automated solution for the definition of test oracles for validating Simulink models. Since these models are widely used for the design of embedded systems, their thorough validation is key. Errors and misunderstandings in these models may preclude the correctness and reliability of the final system: a manual, human-intensive(More)
The design of embedded systems is often supported by the definition of executable models for tools like Matlab/Simulink or Scilab/Xcos. These models play a pivotal role in the development process and their correctness is thus extremely important. Many different solutions exist for the definition of suitable tests to “exercise” these models, but only a few(More)
Software testing is an important and expensive activity of the software development process. Techniques and tools are essential to improve test quality and productivity. Structural testing is a technique that uses characteristics such as control-flow and data-flow structures to derive testing requirements. By exercising such testing requirements the tester(More)
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